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WHEELCHAIR_WAR_BLAK_METAL_CUP_HOLDER's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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oh my wa wa hurts :)P [24 Apr 2004|03:34pm]
When I was 12 my father gave me a nice big wooden boat for Christmas, it was the most delightful boat I had ever seen. So I eagerly awaited for my father to finish making the root beer so we could go for our little picnic by the lake. The boat was green, no yellow, and it was blue oh yes and the pink mast, it was the prettiest boat in the whole wide world. I imagined myself sailing on the boat with my father on the wheel, jumping and yelling with the largest smile on my face.

Tackling each wave as it came, the water was our kingdom. As my father gathered the delights I got myself prepared for the first voyage, I found a long cotton thread and I pinched my younger brothers baseball cap with the windmill on the top. We walked to the lake and sat down, the breeze was ideal for sailing our model. The root beer was delicious and I must state that my father spends a lot of time making it. A Tear fell from my eye as I glanced at the boat, it was all I ever dreamed about.

So I placed my root beer on the ground and hugged my papa and asked if we could sail the boat finally. He picked me up and handed me the boat. I attached the string to the back of the boat and placed it in the water, it was lovely, the big white sails dropped and it floated out into the water. I was in heaven, the sun was shining and sparkling on the recently painted lacquer. Tossing and turning in the small lakes waves made by the wind, I drifted off and dreamt that me and my father were on the boat sailing away into the sunset.

Until I heard an almighty shriek from my father and he was yelling at me from the bank. “Son what have you done, the boat is sinking” I glanced at it and it was going under, my father ran down to me and started screaming in my face “You fucking ungrateful piece of shit, you have sunk your present, I worked hard to get that money to buy that boat” I started to cry and tears were spraying down my face all over my blue polo top, “But papa it wasn’t my fault”.

And with that he grabbed me under each arm and threw me 5 metres into the water and I landed on the boat, “Papa, papa I cannot swim please help” my little hand prodding and poking at the air waiting for someone to lift me out. I had one glance at my father and he was enraged, I saw him lean down and pick something up. He threw his root beer bottle at my face and it split my eye open. He was screaming obscenities like “You fucking deserve this, wait til I tell your mother”, “I hope you die”.

I could not swim and I was sinking with my little ship. I was just one foot under the water when another root beer bottle came screaming through the water and split open my nose and broke my front teeth. I tried frantically to dodge the bottles and at the same time finding it hard to save my own life. One last bottle came straight down on my little noggin, he threw it up in the air like a bomb and the metal cap drove right into my skull. I thought I was dead, all I could hear now were muffled screams and yells from my father, how could he still be abusing me I thought.

I saw a bright white light and I was speaking to god, the next moment I woke up and I was in hospital, my face was stitched up but my mother said that I lost my left eye and a large piece of my skull had to be removed. Please papa, if you are reading this I want to forgive you for your sins.
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My lil puckered anus hole (oopz train set) [18 Aug 2003|06:29pm]
My father used to make me clean the dishes 20 times over before I could even dare look at the set. Then we would sit down with a glass of pink lemonade and embark upon a magical journey through valleys past mrs wagstaff (she was the one with the red hat) oh it was beautiful.

It was utterly delightful. One day my father came come with a steel train, it said "dachau" on the side of it. It was beautiful, smellt funny aswell but there we went. Sat with our pink lemonades and embarked on a wonderous journey to a place called Dachau.

There were lots of little men at this place my father had built, little grey man with chubby teeth and long noses. I spillt my lemonade on the set and electrocuted myself, my father beat my head in with a steel carriage. I remember the day that happened, I was so scared. Mother mother are you there help me get out of this electrical cage.

I am burning in the face mother, come and help me. Oww, I cried, Oww, where can mother be. This awful pain in my head I am shaking, my hands are tingly and I am dripping liquid out of my pants.
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Ouchie wouchie [07 Feb 2003|07:43pm]

I farted after a week of swallowing rotten vegetables, vodka, tequila and cat feces.

It is like acid burning my poor little slit.

I am all excited because it feels wet and sloppy but I bet it is just the acidic fart mixed with my green/grey shit floating around my wheelchair.

soon i will have to call the people down the street to help me out of the chair and into the shower

i havent had one in a month and a bit

I hope services dont find the vegetables I am storing (fermenting) in my bum hole.

oh well HAHAHAHA say a wiw pwayer for me k?

Coz these are expensive relics to my mouth!!

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time to wash my peenie weenie [07 Feb 2003|05:05pm]
I have been fucking my cock all day with my hand.

It is a hard life, but now my little john is all red and sore, it has some gmork's growing on the tip.

Okay step one.
unzip jeans
Withdraw little john
Stroke little john for Vietnam War luck.
peel back the skin slowly (Making sure not to catch any of the gmorks on the skin or they will bleed everywhere)
spit on my fingie
Drip spit onto the head of my little john so that it lubricates for the lotion.
mix window cleaner and nail polish remover + a decent spoonfull of salt and vinegar for taste into a cup.
Slurp lotion into my mouth and swirl it around, making sure it removes all the plaque from my teefies, that mixes it up to act like a cleaning custard almost.
Get little john worked up so he is staring you in the face.
spit the acidic solution all of little john's gmorks that are growing happily on the tip (soon to be not happy)
Watch the gmorks run off little johns head onto the carpet and die.


play with little john.
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MEEP MEEP :| [07 Feb 2003|01:51pm]
coming through

The programming that these chairs come with directly as delivered is nothing short of dangerous.

The thing cannot be manoeuvred safely, and you are lucky if you can hit a doorway accurately without losing a finger or two. And it's slow. But if you call up the company that make the control system, or Sunrise Medical you can purchase a programmer from them called a PP1a. This is a "users" version. This can only change a few basic options. This is the same one that your wheelchair supplier or engineer has, and it simply will NOT cure the problems. I know, since I tried every possible combination of "settings" that this box offers and when you have finished you still have a dangerous hard to control and reluctant to start turning chair.
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were is everyONE (toilet) [07 Feb 2003|01:46pm]
I filled my daipy with green marsh.

unkie terrance said dat I would meet new friends here :( :( :(

Where is eveeryone

I wanna talk to peepies

leave a messg for me I am just going to get these crystals forming under my phalass into my mouth GUMMY BEARS

now listening to: pigs licking my little mr wheelchair
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tooday [07 Feb 2003|01:42pm]
taday daddy filed down my waste hole which had a build up of rotten feces.

now i can masturbate my hole with a chicken wing num nums

now listening to: duneblood :D:D:D:D

Wheres my bottie

(licks arm pit)
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i spillt my custard [07 Feb 2003|01:35pm]
When doesn't anything good happen for me

first i get mangled by a mack truck when I was waddling my fat ass to the donut store and a truck marked no fat chicks ran me over and i got caught in the axle which ripped my legs off.

Now I am spinning around and doing wheelies in my wheelchair listening to NSBM WAR KVLT 1492 releases I purchase off ebay and then all of a sudden I spillt custard all over myself.

it tasted almost as good as the sweat build up on my prosthetic legs, mm dey taste funnys. Almost like an old cheese found in the back shed In UnKiE Mo'S SnAke thing that he used to make me find in da dunnys

well I am going to try and fix this wheel chair and Get back AND ASO aepodman'odma'iodmadoad[o


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